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   SPRING BRIDE OR JUNE BRIDE!  This is your day.  A day of many beautiful memories.  A day when you and your spouse join together as one in holy matrimony.  The memories of a beautiful wedding and honeymoon is only accented by having the proper plans in place.  Let us help you make it happen for you.  Your personal planner will sit down with you and help you put together the perfect wedding plans and honeymoon.  Don't take chances on forgetting to do something to prepare for that special day.  You will never get it back.  At Palm Tree Travel we care about you and value you as one of our customers.

                              Need help with your photography needs.  The perfect wedding always has to have the perfect photographer to do a great job.  Your Wedding, Your Way!
                              If you live in the New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida area and want to completment your once in a life time wedding, you have to have a great
                              photographer.  You will always want to look back and remember all the good times you had at that special time in your life.  Do it because you
                              know you only want the best for all your wedding needs.   JUST CLICK ON THE FLOWER ICON TO YOUR LEFT AND YOU ARE ON YOUR WAY.

                                                  COME !              HAVE FUN!!               ENJOY!              


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An article published recently stated that by 2020, online hotel bookings are going to are going to be the norm. It is also predicted that 78% of all travel bookings are going to be routed through online travel agencies.  Please choose a travel agency carefully.  Not all agencies as with any business, are the same.  We are a travel agency that is
dependable and trustworthy to do the very best in your behalf to give you great memories from your travels. We have been in business for over 15 years now.


   If you need further information please contact our office at: 856-582-2488 or email at
Note: Some of our vendors still have our old travel agency name of Century Leisure Travel.  We are one in the same agency and we are working to correct this problem.  So if you do click on an icon and it still reads 'Century Leisure Travel', be assured we are one in the same.  Our name was only changed to Palm Tree Travel for personal preference of the name only.

Thank You Much;
Karrie: Owner/Agent 
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